When master coppersmith Sydney J. Ellett opened his shop in 1921, he had little more than a few hand tools and the will to succeed. Through hard work and innovative thinking, his business has grown far beyond the humble local origins to earn a place as one of North America’s most successful custom fabricators of corrosion-resistant process equipment.

On July 1, 2017, Ellett entered a new chapter when the assets of ELLETT Industries Ltd. were acquired by the NORAM Group of Vancouver, B.C. NORAM owns and operates a custom fabrication company Axton Inc., which for the past four decades has focused on the fabrication of high-quality pressure vessels and heat exchangers manufactured from specialized corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant alloys for use in a wide variety of chemical and process industries.

The complimentary skills of Axton and Ellett resulted in the formation of a fabrication business unit that builds on the history of each corporation, and with the required strengths to participate competitively on a global scale. The new business unit, Axton-Ellett, is wholly owned by NORAM Engineering & Constructors Ltd, with the head office located in Vancouver, B.C., and operations located at Axton Inc., in Delta, B.C.